For Corporate customer Low-price new or used smartphone
 [Reliable and Stable company] Establish 8 years. Deal with corporate customer, sell and accept request of iPhone・android・iPad・console game quotation

Various Selection & Abundant Achievements

We have been specializing in the sale of smartphones and tablets (*telecommunication devices) for more than 8 years since our establishment.
Based in Tokyo, our company also operates a physical and online store and a mail order business under the trade name of "Keitai Space".
We have also opened stores in various online shopping malls. We are proud of our many business transactions with corporations.
We deal in a wide range of products, including mobile phones, smartphones (iPhone & Android), iPads, PCs, MacBook, sim cards, and game consoles.
We do not only sell popular smartphones, we also sell some earlier or rare models.
We provide a free quotation and wholesales price for corporate customers who are considering purchasing new or used smartphones and tablets in large quantities for business use or stocking.

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Why use Keitai Space


・We will try our best to respond all your requests!
・Provide friendly and courteous guidance from our experienced and professional staff.
・Lowest price challenge❣ Can be achieved within your budget.
・Speedy delivery!!
・Quotation→qualified invoice (*qualified invoice issuer)→delivery note・electronic receipt (download from My page) all free.
・Fully post-purchase support.

 ★★Lifetime Red ROM (Sim unlocked) Warranty★★
※We will provide a lifetime warranty regardless of the warranty period, even if your phone becomes network restricted. We offer a full post-purchase warrant for you.

<Quotation→→Available for 24 hours!>

★Keitai Space allows you to get a quotation easily. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the Internet from your computer or smartphone. Click here for the issuing procedure.

※Please use the online quotation function if that is a hurry case.
※We can issue qualified invoices because we are a qualified invoice issuer.
※Registration Number:8011501021014
※Please feel free to contact us if you have anything problem.

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